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About Jade’s Jet City Carpet Cleaning

Jades Jet City Carpet Repair Experts


Jade’s Jet City Carpet Cleaning has been in business since 1989. As a company we have over 20 years industry experience, and a combined 42 years industry experience and are locally owned and operated. We are not a francise. Jet City is Seattle's locally owned leader in carpet cleaning, repairs and restoration for muli-family apartments.


We cover from Arlington to Kent, from West Seattle to Issaquah and all points in between. We are fair priced and don't nickel and dime you. Our 24 hour on call emergency service gets us to your emergency in less than an hour and our trained technicians do everything they can to save your property. Don't wait! Call immediately!


We use only the best Hydramaster CDS truck mounted steam cleaning machines. We have the newest technology, the Titan 875 which is the biggest baddest machine they make! It can run three guys at once for floods and emergencies, heats water to 250 degrees and can pressure wash with an immediate intake of water, keeping the job clean and tidy. We also have the brand new Hydramaster Salsa, which heats up to 230 defgrees and four more Hydramaster machines in our fleet.


Jet City is the only carpet cleaning/restoration company in Western Washington with The Incinerator, the latest in flood restoration and heat technology. It has quickly become an industry standard. Jet City is committed to being a leader with continually providing you with the best there is to offer. It's "Technoplogy with Elbow Grease."


"This is why I use you guys, great service, good value and great customer service!"

- Nancy Brien, Rental Property Manager, Everett